How do I buy tickets?

Amélie -

To buy tickets, click the "Search" button and look for the event that you want to buy or you can leave the form blank and click "Find" to view all upcoming events.



Select the event that you want, and then click "Buy Ticket.". Click "View Event" if you want to read more about the event.


On the event's ticket page, select the amount of ticket/s that you want to buy and then, click "Express Checkout."


Fill out (1) your details and (2) payment details. Double check that (4) the tickets in your cart are correct.

Tick the (5) "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" checkbox, and then click (6) ALL GOOD, GIVE ME MY TICKETS.


Mind the (3) 15-minute time limit for completing the purchase or you might miss out!


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