How to create an event?

Amélie -

From your dashboard, click the account icon from the upper right corner of the page. Click "Create Event."


First, upload the cover photo of your event. Max file size is 5MB and recommended dimensions are 851px x 315px.


Fill in the (1) Event Name and location. The (2) location of the venue will automatically drop a pin on the auto-generated map.

Make sure that (3) the start and end of the event is correct; choose the correct timezone of the event.


Add a (4) detailed description of the event and (5) the lineup of performers in the event.


You can even add an FAQ on common anticipated questions for your event. By ticking the question, you can provide the answer in the text box. 

Click "Add your FAQ and Answers" to include them in your event page.


Add the type of the event and the genre of the performancers/performers in the event. You can click all event type and genre that applies to the event.


Finally, add the name of the organiser. You can opt to add the tickets now.


Add the number and price of your tickets. You can also delegate the number of free tickets for your event.




When you are ready, click the Captcha and then the "Review and Publish Event" to make your event live!



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