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In order to use certain features of the Website, you will need to register. When registering you will be asked to provide an email address and create a username and password. You may also choose to create a more detailed profile of yourself on the Website by submitting additional personal information. Please note that even if you do not provide any additional personal information to the Website (e.g. by adding it to your user profile), if you choose a username that includes or reveals your name or any other personal information, such information will then be available to other users of the Website and to the general public. For purposes of this Policy, the terms "personal information" and "personally identifiable information" shall mean all information provided during your initial registration on the Website and during your creation of a user profile, including, for example, your real name, e-mail address, postal address and other location information, your age, your gender and certain other demographic information or information that may enable online or offline contact with you. From the moment you register and begin listening to music on Pulse Radio, we will monitor your activity on the website and log this information in our databases. This includes which mixtapes you listen to or which you have submitted, when you listen to them, how long you listen to them for, which mixtapes are your favourite and so on. We will also monitor and log your music sharing activities. This information relating to your listening and music sharing activities can be viewed by all other users of Pulse Radio. Pulse Radio may make some of this information available to third parties to undertake development of new products and services via an API.

If you choose to purchase music or other goods or services by clicking on a third party link provided on the Website (for example, a link to, such third party may collect your personal details (such as your credit card number, address, etc.) for the purpose of completing a transaction. We may be provided with confirmation of your transactions with such third parties and, in some instances, such confirmation may include your personal information. Aside from such confirmations, the only information that we will collect with respect to such third party links is: (a) the number of generic Pulse Radio users who utilized such third party links; and (b) the number of purchases made by these generic users. Where you upload photographs or other content as part of your user profile, you should be aware that Pulse Radio is entitled to use those photographs and content in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Pulse Radio discourages users from uploading photographs of friends or other people without their permission.

To read more, visit our Privacy Policy page.


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