How do I sell tickets?

Laura -

You can set up to sell your tickets directly from the events creation page. Click here for a walk through on how to setup your event and tickets.

Even if your event is already published you can still add tickets, both free and paid.

From your Pulseradio Dashboard, click My Events.


From the "My Events" page, find the event you want to add tickets to.


On the left navigation pane of your event, click "Tickets."


From there, you can add free and paid tickets. 


You can now add details of your tickets on the pop up page. (1) Clarify what your ticket buyers are purchasing by naming your ticket (i.e. General, VIP, etc.). (2) Set ticket capacities to guarantee you never surpass your venue’s capacity and then (3) set the price of the ticket.

Set (4) the date of when and how long you want your tickets available. You can opt (5) to add service fees now to your tickets or use Pulse Vibrations instead. Optionally, you can choose to display on the events page the fees displayed next to your ticket price or not.


When you're satisfied with the settings, click "Save and Publish Ticket."

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