Managing your event

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Event organizers and ticket sellers easily manage their tickets and events through an intuitive dashboard focused around core KPIs of sales and campaign goals that drive success. 

You can access your account anywhereeasily manage and control ticket allotments, manage box office sales and promote their event all-in-one seamless space. On the go, 24/7, anywhere.

From your Pulseradio Dashboard, click My Events.


From the "My Events" page, find the event you want to manage.


The event's page overview will show you all the stats of your events.

You can find (1) shortcut links of the tools you can use for the event by clicking any of the widget icons. This includes tools to promote your event, add guest list, etc. The same tools can also be found in the left navigation pane of your event page.

(2) You can view at a glance the total amount you earned in ticket solds, (3) revenue and income, and (4) active sales per (4) ticket type. Your (5) affiliates and promo team links are also shown here.



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