What is a channel?

Laura -

A channel on Pulse is a platform for people to connect with their audience in a special way sharing information about themselves.

Whether you are a writer, artist, record label, venue, or simply a pulse member, you can create your channel and then share the URL with your audience.

From your dashboard, click the "My Channel" link.


Fill in your (1) display name, (2) channel type, (4) your location and (3) upload an image that will serve like a cover image for your channel. (5) Write a little something to tell your audience or fans a bit more about yourself or your brand. You can add up to 3 genre to define the sound of your channel.

When developing your channel you can include (6) your website, Facebook page, Twitter address, Soundcloud, email, or Youtube channel. When done, click (7) "Save."



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