Refund Policy

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As per our Privacy Policy, refunds are only processed if:

Refunds due to problems caused by Pulse

7.1. You will be entitled to a refund including any booking fee charged if:

(i) Pulse fails to deliver to you the tickets you have paid for;
(ii) If Pulse sends tickets you have paid for to an address other than that you gave when placing your order and cannot provide replacement tickets;
(iii) If Pulse sends you the wrong tickets

Refunds due to Problems with the Event

7.2. Otherwise you will only be entitled to a refund from Pulse if:
(i) the event is cancelled or moved to another date;
(ii) details of the event are significantly changed after you purchaser your tickets such as a change of venue or show time.
7.3. In these circumstances Pulse will refund the value of the ticket excluding any booking fee.
7.4. It is your responsibility to check whether the event is proceeding at the original date, time and venue and Pulse does not guarantee to inform you of any changes to events.

Process for applying for Refund

7.5. All refund requests must be sent to Pulse by email to no later than three days after the date of the event. Pulse reserves the right to refuse refund requests after that period.

To read more, visit our Privacy Policy page.

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