Creating & Uploading Your Guestlist

Vi Hermens -

It's super easy to set up Guestlist and Accreditation using Pulse Ticketing. This means you can create seperate ticket types for Paid Guestlist, Comp Tickets, Event Staff and Volunteers and any other category you can invent.

Our app, Vibration, can be the single touch-point for your entry staff, ensuring that you no longer need to worry about printing out reams of guestlists - all your staff need are an iPhone or iPad. They can be upgraded with a LineaPro scanner (free to hire from Pulse, minimum 700 ticket sales per scanner loaned) for super quick scanning.

Firstly, you'll need to create a Guestlist or Accreditation ticket type in your My Events > Manage page, by selecting "Edit".

After you've scrolled down to Ticket Types, you'll be prompted to create a New Ticket. Name the ticket and set a limit for the number you'll be issuing, just like creating a normal GA sale ticket. In this case, we've called it "Complimentary".


To keep your Guestlist and Accreditation tickets off the publicly accessible Pulse Ticketing interface, we have a selection that denotes this. Select "Private".

Set the value of your ticket. This isn't used for accounting - but can be used to convey a sense of value to people receiving Comp Tickets. Here, we are entering a zero value. After this, save your event as per usual! 

You will now find yourself back on the Manage Event page, and your new ticket type should be showing up further down the page under the "Accreditation and Guestlist" Header.

To add names and upload bulk CSV files to the Guestlist, you then need to scroll down to the Attendees section on the left-hand menu of the Manage Event page, and select Guestlist.

From here, it's straightforward to create your guestlist from here. To enter individually, you use the top section and add people, line by line. You will note the "Ticket Type" form field, which will populate with all the Ticket Types you created in the first few steps of this walkthrough. Note that you can create as many individual types as you like, to assist with managing accreditation.

To bulk upload, the lower section of this page is your touch point. Download the template and follow the instructions, and ensure to save as a Windows CSV file in Excel (even if you're on a Mac). Upload the file and wait a few minutes, and your Guestlist should be fully populated. 

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