How to integrate a ticketing widest on my website?

Amélie -

You can promote and sell ticket of your event to your website. You can paste a line of code to embed the ticketing system into your website. 

From your Pulseradio Dashboard, click My Events.


From the "My Events" page, find the event you want to edit the tickets.


Click the Integrations link from the left navigation pane.


On the next page, you can find the code you can imbed to integrate the Pulseradio ticketing system to your website.

Below the code, you can find the preview of the integration of the code in your website. You can customise its appearance and the properties you want included by clicking the "Customize it" link.

From there, you can edit the (1) colour scheme to match your website's style and the (2) call to action button. You can click (3) (4) "reset to default" to start again.


When you're happy with the appearance, click "Update Integration" to update the code. You can then copy the code to your website.


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